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High Class Escort Cannes, only for Ladies

About Gentleman Escort Alain

I was born in Cannes. I graduated from a top French engineering school, and became an international model, actor and film director. I lived in Singapore, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Athens and many more. I was also an art dealer in London for a short period of time.

It is risky to describe oneself without sounding pretentious but I will try: Intellectually, the lady will appreciate my curiosity and my knowledge in many different areas. And she will laugh, a lot. I am pretty witty. I will make her feel amazing, like I am really enjoying her presence, which I will, but without any fake compliments. It will all be natural. Then sexually, I do love sex. And I can go different ways. I can go the soft loving way and I can also go the dominant way, in case the lady would like something close to 50 shades of grey.


Details Male Escort David

Age: 40
Nationality: French
Place of residence: Cannes
Height: 185cm
Weight: 79kg
Tattoo/Piercing: no
Eye colour: hazel
Hair colour: brown
Languages: French, English, Spanish
Professional background: Actor, Film Director, Master in Engineering and Arts
Interests: Writing, Reading, Museums, Opera, Art, Cinema, Fitness
Cuisine: Japanese
Drinks: Red wine
Smoking: rarely

Charming & Authentic Gentleman



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Rates & Feedback

Premium Rate

emi_premium.png in CHF in Euro  
2 h Social Time 440 400  
2 h
(only bookable in the home town of the gentleman)
770 700  
3 h 990 900  
4 h (incl. dinner) 1.100 1.000  
6 h (incl. dinner) 1.400 1.200  
Overnight stay (up to 12 h, starting around 20:00/21:00) 1.630 1.500  
Overnight stay extending to morning hours (up to 18 h) 1.970 1.800  
Day and night (up to 24 h) 2.280 2.100  
2 overnight stays (up tp 48 h) 3.790 3.500  
Any additional overnight stay 1.100 1.000  


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Alain is looking forward to his first feedback.

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