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Escort Models International

About the Agency


Our office hours:

Monday to Friday
10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Outside of office hours, you can contact us by SMS, WhatsApp or Email (24/7).


Within Europe:
Mara: 0041 (0) 768 194 448
Olivier: 0041 (0) 765 724 448

Calling from USA:
Mara: 011 41 768 194 448
Olivier: 011 41 765 724 448

Please understand that we will not answer any phone calls without visible caller ID!



MARA is a graduate economist coming originally from a background in banking. Being a hedonist and a creative person, Escort Model International is first and foremost a passion for Mara and a fascination. Perfectionist that she is, Mara is always striving to optimize processes and data and to position and maintain Escort Models International as one of the best agencies in the high-class sector of the market.

OLIVIER has a background in investment / business real estate. He was executive partner of a big commercial real estate consulting firm. Following a successful career and selling the business, he considers Escort Models International as a new challenge and inspiration. Olivier is a visionary who wants to make Escort Models International, or the High Class Escort business in general, socially acceptable – generating acceptance, respect and trust in the most attractive and oldest profession in the world.

Legal Note

The advertising platform is a referral service for self-employed principals exclusively.
The Escort Models engage Escort Model International with the presentation as well as the promotion of their online profiles and the potential referral to clients resulting from that.
The Escort Models may decide for themselves whether to accept a booking request or not.
All principals work on a self-employed basis and use this website as an advertising platform.

We advise our clients that they will enter into contractual relationships with the Escort Ladies and Escort Gentlemen directly and that we as agency shall not be held liable for claims by a third party on whatever legal grounds (claims by the tax authorities, claims for compensation or claims related to non-performance or mis-performance).

We expressly point out to the tax authorities that our agency does not act as debt collector, and that any tax claims have to be settled by the Escort Ladies and Escort Gentlemen directly.

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Would you like to apply as High Class Escort at our agency?

Escort Models International is a world of experiences, upholding the highest standards.
We are always looking for attractive, intelligent ladies and gentlemen who would like to receive and experience all the attention and affection fostered in the minds of our distinguished clients, who are successful men and women of the world.
If you are self-assured, intelligent and physically conscious, and if you find pleasure in the beautiful things in life, you are the person we are looking for, and we happily await your application. With your application, please enclose a selection of characteristic photos portraying your personality as well as exuding a touch of erotic allure.
Just as we are open to your interest in us, we appreciate an open-minded attitude on your behalf. For we offer you a sincere opportunity to pursue a unique career within the parameters of our challenging society.

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