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    Munich 26.-28.09
    Passionate Lady
    München 23.09-2.10
    Zurich, Konstanz
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Escort Models International - High Class Escorts

Grüezi and Welcome to Escort Models International – the High Class Escort Agency based in Switzerland.

Looking back on many years of experience and adhering to a cosmopolitan worldview, we operate in and at leading metropolitan cities around the world. Our clients are highly satisfied and value the sophisticated quality we offer. Escort Models International provides an escort service at the highest level which is tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Rounded off with a concierge and travel service, we offer a comprehensive package to satisfy the most discerning tastes: from private jet, luxury yacht, five-star hotels to limousine service.

High Class Ladies and Gentlemen Escort Frankfurt, Gentleman Escort Munich, Luxury Ladies Cologne, Gentlemen Escort Stuttgart, Berlin, Germany, International

Are you seeking an elegant accompaniment or an attractive gentleman for a romantic candlelight dinner, a theatre visit or a lovely concert?

Would you like to treat yourself to a well-earned evening with a witty Muse or sophisticated Adonis to complete a successful working day?

Or are you looking for an eloquent student lady or a charming businessman at your side – a compelling personality to accompany you on your business trip, to a convention or a refined business dinner?

Take the time and put your trust in us. Take a look at the cosmopolitan escort ladies and escort gentlemen we selected. Let your fantasy come true.

We, Madame Mara and Comte Olivier, are happy to assist you with your selection and with regards to your special, exclusive wishes, while always maintaining absolute discretion.

For example take a look at our High Class Escorts in Zurich, the hometown of Mara!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Mara and Olivier

Escort Gentlemen - High Class Male Escort

Our attractive and smart Escort Gentlemen accompany ladies of any age to social events or a romantic dinner.

Escort Gentlemen - High Class Male Escort

New Feedbacks on High Class Escort Ladies and Escort Gentlemen

High Class Escort Berlin: Lisa
Hello Olivier,
My meeting with Lisa was wonderful! She arrived the moment I sent you that email. She’s great company socially and also in the bedroom. I found her really open minded and uninhibited which made for a fantastic experience for both of us. Unfortunately, I could only meet her for 6 hours as I was feeling jet lagged and had to catch an early morning flight. But those 6 hours were truly memorable! Thank you for the arrangement.

Celebrities Escort: Alaia
thank you for arranging a meeting with Alaia. she has an exceptional personality, is clever, smart and sexy.
Best regards

High Class Escort Berlin: Bella
One of the most beautiful girls I’ve met. 

High Class Escort International: Liliana
Hi Olivier,
Liliana was great. The best part is she speaks English really well. So it was easy to communicate.

High Class Escort Duo: Feli & Lisa
Hi Olivier, 
Both great and worked well together and followed brief - all had a lot of fun. Thanks again for organizing. 

High Class Escort Berlin: Bella
Although the start was a little bit difficult ... she was wearing very high heels :-) She is the best I ever met .... holy cow ... you should be proud of her .... she’s the queen of Berlin ... mama Mia ... thank you for arranging and I definitely will come back to your agency next time!

High Class Escort Berlin: Clara
Clara is an elegant beautiful young lady, bright and with a great sense of humor. She is super company both in the restaurant where our conversation was really easy, and later when we were alone.  I would be very happy to meet her again on my travels.

High Class Escort Prague: Vanessa
Dear Mara,
Vanessa is so good that she can become dangerously addictive if you stay too long with her . She is absolutely sensational and has a devastating charm. She is funny, witty, provocative, bitchy (when necessary) cultivate ( she can talk about French litérature and French classical movies) but also sweet, friendly and incredibly beautiful.
Also great sexually, continuously stimulating and provoking your imagination. 
Even if the place is competitive, I would give her the pole position in your agency.
Thank you

High Class Escort Munich: Stella
Hi Mara
Meeting with Stella was perfect, feeling was positive. She is a real nice girl with lot of quality, Happy  to have meet her and to meet her again later, if she will like.

High Class Escort Düsseldorf: Alexandra
Dear Mara, 
what a time with Alexandra. from the first minute to last second, ist was one of the most wonderful time for me. We shared the most exciting moments in culture, food, (i dont remenber the number of oysters), and in political discussion. And she speaks a fantastic french. a great pleasure for me. 48 hours of life. 
merci merci merci. 

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Celebrities
Hi dear Mara, the 4h date with Evelyn was excellent!! Being with this cute, intelligent, sweet, naughty little kitten is an unforgettable, pleasuring, lustful experience, kind regards,

High Class Escort Cologne: Amal
Hello Mara
I wanted to write this note to thank you for introducing me to AMAL. She is a true gem. A pretty, witty and very sensual woman with a great sense of humor. I loved every minute of our meeting and look forward to seeing her again very soon
Thank You Mara

Dear Mara,
I want to thank you for the arrangement and the encounter with wonderful ALAIA. She is a fantastic woman and I'm captured by her stunning beauty, but I have to say her personality was even greater. She's a woman who carries beauty, IQ, EQ, ambition & a primitive side that totally blowed my mind... I'm blessed
I hope she also enjoyed our time together and I would be so happy if she would like to meet with me soon again.
Please send her my best regards

High Class Escort Cologne: Nika
Hi Olivier,
Nika was amazing. Best kisser ever! Next time I'm in Dusseldorf I'll definitely want to meet Nika again. Next time I'm in Germany I'll contact you again.

High Class Escort Munich: Ella
Please pass this message to Ella.  Ella was absolutely wonderful.  So much better than I could have hoped.  She is friendly, intelligent, fun to talk with and so so beautiful!   She made me so happy.  

You have been very nice to work with and I will certainly call you the next time I am in the area.  I sincerely hope Ella will be available again for me.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Leonie
Thank for arranging this meeting on short notice. Leonie is absolutely adorable.
I would certainly like to meet her again if she will be available.

High Class Escort Vienna: Scarlett
Thank you Mara! Meeting Scarlett was really an unbelievable moment of life! Never seen such a friendly, intelligent, communicative and lovely lady! Open, sincere, selective and demanding! That s why she live at max her sexuality too! Thanks!

High Class Escort Frankfurt:
Hi Mara, Good morning. I want to thank you for organising this wonderful meeting with Anika. She is a gem. We had a very pleasant time together.

High Class Escort Vienna: Victoria
Hello Mara, a short feedback of my meeting of last night.
As you know I wished to date Victoria since long time and you have perfectly arranged it, all my dress codes wishes were fully met too, thank you so much.
Victoria is a rear gem with beautiful green eyes. As soon as she walked in the hotel door entrance she caught every one attention with her beauty and allure, wearing an amazing mini dress with a sort of cross  blazer showing her well shaped cleavage (no bra !) a true top model, let alone she was also standing in 12 cm heels black Louboutin. I was just saying to my self how I am lucky. Victoria can be as sweet and cute young lady as well as devilish and super sexy lady. I was so much please to meet her, classy, sexy, brain and body made for sins. 
No need to say time with her flies and I think she set up a new standard for very super special high erotic and glamorous service :) please give my warmest hello to her

High Class Escort Berlin: Annabelle
Hi Mara,
Just a short feedback about Annabelle.
Clever, charming, warm,very sensual, a real pleasure. .The younger ladies could really take lessons from these mature ladies.

High Class Escort Munich: Tatum 
Hello Olivier, 
Again, I have to thank you for arranging the great meeting with TATUM. I had a wonderful time with her. Tatum is great, warm, mature, intelligent and strikingly beautiful. I hope she enjoyed our time together as well. 
Thank you

High Class Escort New York: Yola
Hi Mara,
Thanks for organizing Yola meeting.  She is a nice lady with great body.  We had a nice conversation and she is confident and open person.  

High Class Escort Hamburg, Berlin: Elisabeth
Dear Mara,
Wow!  Elisabeth is not only beautiful (her photos do not do her justice), but a fabulous companion in public and private.  She is intelligent, engaging and warm.  Highly recommended.
Thank you for a memorable evening.

High Class Escort International Nalani
Hello Mara 
my feedback of Nalani, thank you so much to have arranged it and I want see more of these erotic very full service ladies. I have to say you are 100% right and thank you for arranging a magic evening with Nalani. She is an extremely sexy lady, not for the faint-hearted. I had the time of my life, everything was perfect , her dress code, her louboutin high heels, elengat lingeries and of course her superb beauty. I had super sexy quality time with her, everything in one lady, very rear.  She is just unique, a very down to earth world miss, very caring and eager to please. Time with Nalani just flies, either during easy conversation or more demanding tasks she enjoys a lot men company, she is the perfect companion. I wont go into glory details but suffice to say I was extremely satisfied, every man would love to spend an evening with Nalani. A must to do it, provide you have a good reserve of stamina.
Thank you again Mara and a big kiss to Nalani, I miss alraedy her 


High Class Escort Munich: Stella
Stella is great. Very polite! Everything super!

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Evelyn
What a wonderful evening with Evelyn! Be sure to tell her thanks for a very memorable time. She is more perfect in person thank the pictures which is rare and nearly impossible on a normal basis

High Class Escort International Frankfurt: Melody
Woe...Beautiful experience! I hope see her again soon..

High Class Escort Munich, Nuremberg: Stella
Thank you Oliver. It was awesome to meet Stella . I have given her 800+  100 Euros for the hotel she would like to book herself. If I had booked a hotel for her then my name would have gone for checkin. She was so natural, young and passionate. Loved everything about her . She was great ! Big thank you for arranging it on such a short notice

High Class Escort International: Sissy
Hi Mara,
Please do thank Sissy from me, I very much enjoyed the time spent with her :) And thank you for your help along the way.

High Class Escort International Zürich: Liliana
Mara and Olivier,
She was more than OK.  Although I was a little worried about a long date with a lady I had not previously met, my worries were for nothing.  Liliana is remarkable .  She is intelligent, funny, genuine, beautiful and incredibly sexy.  I have engaged in escort dates for over thirty years.  Not only was this the longest engagement i have ever books, but it also was the best.  In one person, I enjoyed a confidant, a lover, a companion of substance and an all-around fine woman.  Absolutely amazing.  I don't know what else to say.  She will go far, that one.  Special person.  Thank you for sending her to me.
But tell her, I said she was "better than expected".  It is an inside joke.
WOW!  Just the best ever.

High Class Escort International Olivia:
She is a real babe. Pretty and accommodating.

High Class International Escort Victoria
Dear Mara,
Victoria was beautiful and awesome. Well trained and professional even she is young.
I think German has competitiveness In service industry- without education they instinctively pursue perfection.
Thank you

High Class Escort International Nika:
Good morning Mara. Once again you have been a real fairy.
Nika is a new jewel in your collection. Beautiful,
Sensual, positive and funny.

High Class Escort International Victoria
Hallo Mara,
A short feedback on Victoria . Interesting girl.
Very mature and experienced for such a young girl . Clever and smart. Multi orgasmic sensuality.
Lot of potential. I spent a real nice time. Very good recommandation as always.

Escort Model International Melody:
Very nice meeting. Wonderful person. Thank you!

Escort Model Maya Düsseldorf
Dear Mara,
Please let me thank you for suggesting Maya as a girl for yesterday’s date.
She was really beyond any of my expectations. I’m still lost inside those deep dark brown eyes.
As she entered the room I was totally overwhelmed by her beauty. So overmhelmed that I wasn’t almost able to say anything smart or funny. She noticed that and started to guide the conversation so that in 5 minutes everything was ok. She was really great. So elegant and so natural. For the first time I really enjoyed the time spent at the restaurant table as much as the time spent in my room (where by the way she was like an erupting volcano). By far the best experience I’ve ever had with a booked girl.
No need to tell you that I will for sure use your agency again and that I’ll probably try to book Maya as soon as I’ll be back in the area.
Thanks again for your work, your kindness, your organization and most of all your ability to find such a perfect match for me.
Kind regards.


Escort Models Secrets

You can find out more on our High Class Escort Ladies and Gentlemen in the closed section ESCORT MODELS SECRETS, which can only be accessed by clients known to us!


Escort Models International



"I have long been very interested in the adventure escort and now I would finally like to try it out. I would enjoy meeting senior, interesting men ..."


"I love the thrill which this world brings. It is the overall attention, the feeling of being appreciated and valued as a woman."


Leonie seems like the sweet, innocent girl next door at first glance. But she also possesses a mature personality and a sex appeal to take your breath away, which will magically put you under her spell. She is a sensual angel who loves to fulfill the wishes of her companion with all her passion, aiming to exceed all expectations.


"I am a 100 % responsible girl. Being an intelligent person I can talk about pretty much everything, and I always enjoy meeting new people and having inspiring conversations with them."


“I am a well-read, educated young woman who likes to inform herself about current affairs and events from all over the world, also beyond her studies. There is hardly any subject I wouldn’t be able to follow in a conversation."


"I love the beautiful things in life – to meet new people and to get to know new cultures, to discover new places and to broaden my horizon."


"I am a compassionate and caring person who enjoys discovering men and women alike. I consider these kinds of dates as an exciting adventure that allows me to gather lots of life experience."


“My life motto is to laugh and to enjoy! I take pleasure in flirting and love the sparks of electricity when first meeting someone. I am very charming and open to all things new, unknown and interesting to me…"

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